Colorado CattleWoman Rookie of the Year

Niki Wernsman, Logan County Cattlewomen

Logan County CattleWomen was restarted in 2021 and Niki was instrumental in getting the organization back on its feet as one of its founding members.  She accepted the role of Vice President and attended all meetings.

She was involved with many projects that helped promote the beef industry. She started the flat farmer project and got Logan County CattleWomen into elementary schools to teach kids about the beef industry from ranch to table. She did it with the Peetz 3rd grade class and it was a hit. They did a presentation on the beef industry and then each kid got a “farmer” and colored and named them. Logan County CattleWomen sent the artwork out to people in all areas of the beef industry. This program is now in the process of being tailored to fit all grades She had a huge presence on Logan County CattleWomen’s media page and helped promote the beef industry in that way.

Niki enthusiastically helped with all fundraisers, and donated meat to a local store during the county fair as a giveaway, as well as being a driving force during their Meat- In Day activities.

Colorado CattleWomen are inspired by this story and are excited to present Niki Wernsman the 2021 Rookie of the Year Award.  

We did not have a 2022 Rookie of the Year Award. Do you have a great nominee recommendation for the 2023 Rookie of the Year?

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