Our Colorado CattleWomen's Story

CCW is the premier women's organization dedicated to Colorado's beef producing families.

Started over 75 years ago as a partner to the Colorado Cattleman's Association, today's Colorado CattleWomen (CCW) is a non-profit who's mission is to educate, promote and protect Colorado's ranching families and the beef they produce. Through membership dollars and partnerships with industry leaders CCW is telling Colorado's beef story through local and state initiatives directed to youth and consumers.

The workforce behind these initiatives are not only women who run family ranches producing beef cattle across the state but also those who live off the ranch and have a passion for beef.  CCW's growing membership is as diverse as the weather in Colorado and it's members are from every corner and county. Sustainability, environmental stewardship, animal welfare and nutrition are just a part of the conversation in todays beef world, and CattleWomen are leading the beef community educating on and off the ranch the impact cattle have on the bounty and beauty that is Colorado.

Help Stop Initiative 16!

Initiative 16 is a misleading attempt to criminalize Colorado's farmers, ranchers and pet owners for using established veterinary care practices to maintain the health of their livestock and pets. What would Initiative 16 do?

  • Ban on Livestock Production
  • Criminalize Veterinarians, Pet and Livestock Owners
  • Erase Colorado's Western Heritage
Learn More and Support Colorado's Ranchers

Coloradans for Animal Care

Up in the Air

Thanks to an amazing partnership with Colorado's ranchers, Colorado CattleWomen was able to show up in a big way in support of Colorado beef. In May two billboards went up, one in Denver and one in Fort Collins, telling the 'real' versus 'synthetic' beef story for the next 12 months.

Colorado CattleWomen are proud to educate on behalf of our ranching families. We understand and are grateful for the contributions they make to Colorado's economy, environment and food security. Thank you Colorado ranchers for putting your faith in us to help tell just one part of your story.